Macquarie U announces academic awards

The Macquarie academic staff awards are out. Winners in selected categories are:

Student-led award for excellence in teaching

Govand Azeez, Julian Dight, Christopher Forbes –Arts

Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne, Liyu HeAlex Belli – Business and Economics

Anita Szakay, Annette Magee, Mandy Yeates – Human Sciences

Mark Butlin, Liz Schroeder, Taryn Jones – Medicine and Health Science

Matthew Mansour– Science and Engineering

Teaching excellence

Jana Lay-Hwa Bowden, Business and Economics

Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne, Business and Economics

Wayne Warburton, Human Sciences

Verity Pacey, Medicine and Health Sciences

Distinguished professors

Michael Gillings, biological sciences
Michelle Leishman, plant invasion and restoration ecology
Nicole Packer, chemistry
Bill Thompson, psychology
Michael Withford, photonics


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