La Trobe U pay for longer hours offer “extra egregious” says union

Just in at the “what a surprise!” desk

LTU’s enterprise bargaining pay offer is 13.6 per cent 2023-25, plus it points to a 2 per cent admin pay rise last year. But the union responds that 3.6 per cent of the offer is to cover a proposed increase in working hours , which is not on.

“Management have the funds to offer the 3.6 per cent and they should do so without the increase in annual hours worked by staff,” says the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union.

But how extra are these egregious hours the university proposes? According to LT U management the “proposed adjustment to work hours,” is 3.57 per cent, to bring the university “in line with the rest of the Victorian HE sector.” (CMM June 2).

To which the union responds, “Overwork is already rife at LT U.”


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