Honours List: medicos and more medicos

The King’s Birthday Orders of Australia include (with apologies to anybody missed)

Companion in the General Division  of the Order of Australia (AC)

Caroline Bower (UWA) medical research, Glenda Halliday (Uni Sydney) medical research, David Hunter (Uni Oxford) medicine

That’s half of the new appointments to the top award going to medical scientists.

Officer in the General Division  of the Order of Australia (AO)

22 of 46 go to medical and health scientists with HE roles and/or connections – that is just short of half the total apppointments

Robert Ali (Uni Adelaide) medical and health research, Kerry Breen (Monash U) medical research,  Julie-Anne Considine (Deakin U) emergency nursing, David Craik (Uni Queensland) biological and medicinal chemistry

Louisa Jane Degenhardt  (UNSW) medical research, Kingsley Dixon (Curtin U) conservation biology, David Ellwood (Griffith U) medicine, Cassandra Goldie (UNSW) social justice, Jane Gunn (Uni Melbourne) medical administration

Jane Hall (UTS) social sciences, Marianne Horak (entomology) CSIRO, Michael Horowitz, (Uni Adelaide) endocrinology, Misty Jenkins (Walter and Eliza Hall IMR) medical science,  Brendon Kearney (Uni Adelaide) medicine. Michael Kidd (ANU, Uni Melbourne) medical administration

Sharon Liberali (Adelaide Dental Hospital, Uni Adelaide) dentistry, Glen Liddell-Mola  (Uni PNG) obstetrics, gynaecology, Grant McArthur (Uni Melbourne) medicine, Ruth Marshall (Uni Adelaide) rehabilitation medicine

Lynette Riley (Uni Sydney) Indigenous education, Sandra Staffieri  (Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital) medicine, Fiona Stapleton (UNSW) optometry, Gerald Williams (Griffith U), critical care nursing Donald Wilson (Uni Sydney) medicine, Erica Wood (Monash U) transfusion medicine, John Zalcberg (Monash U) oncology