La Trobe U new IT plan still not settled

A restructure at LTU rolls on, just slowly

Chief Information Officer Peter Powell tells his team that he has briefed the university’s senior executive group on change plans, which “led to a lot of questions and debate about alignment with other activities that are in progress or being planned across the university.”

With more questions to come, Mr Powell reports he is tasked to keep working with senior staff to ensure, “there is an agreed ICT implementation plan and agreed approach.

“This will take further time to resolve and it is unlikely that we will be able to release the change proposal for consultation this month,” he adds.

That will be the change plan due last month, the change plan originally expected to be implemented from last November. As the June anniversary of the restructure starting approaches staff anxiety over what change will mean increases, ( CMM March 15).

La Trobe U spent $59m on ICT last year (CMM, Friday), bang-on the state uni average.


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