L no longer for Leo at L H Martin

There is new leadership at the University of Melbourne’s L H Martin Institute with Leo Goedegebuure stepping down after eight years

L H Martin runs programmes, projects and events for the tertiary education community. It became part of the university’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education in 2014. William Locke, who became director of the CSHE last February will also now head L H Martin.

Gwilym Croucher is managing L H Martin programmes until Arnaldo Barone arrives from Victoria U after Easter.

Professor Goedegebuure has continuing projects, working as a professorial fellow and continuing as editor in chief of Studies in Higher Education. “The new arrangements may eventually also improve my golfing skills, though that probably will remain an illusion… as may be the hope for more comprehensive and focused tertiary education federal policy settings,” he says.