Irritation replaces anticipation at Uni Canberra

The Uni Canberra community is still waiting for the long-awaited review of the assistant professor scheme and the local union has had enough

The programme, designed to increase research output, was sent to review early this year, with a report delivered to management in October. But the hoped for imminent release did not occur, with the university convening a focus-group to work on a response (CMM November 1).

Irritation has now replaced anticipation, with the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union demanding report release, lest an announcement be delayed and disappear into summer. Vice Chancellor Deep Saini, who championed the assistant profs scheme also leaves next month, for a new job in Canada (May 20).

Existing assistant profs who find the research output required for tenure a strain have until January 3 to opt out of the scheme, which might be a mistake if it continues with less onerous outcomes required.

The NTEU is calling on the university to release the report, saying, this was a management commitment in enterprise bargaining.


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