Happy feat: Flinders U named world’s best for digital illustration

Flinders U picks up a Rookie in a new university ranking. This may not sound like much but it matters a bunch to students who want to work in digital media arts.

The Rookies are awards  judged by a panel of digital arts-insiders, with a big Australian contingent – founders Andrew McDonald and Alwyn Hunt are both from Aus. They cite schools on the basis of submitted student creative. The big names here do not show up on the standard research and reputation rankings, except Flinders University, which with Adelaide partner CDW Studios is named the best digital illustration school for 2017. The Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney also rates, being the world’s third motion graphics school.

Trainers from all over the world appear in the four categories, with Gnomon (Los Angeles) and the University of Hertfordshire strongly represented.



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