Good budget for NSW TAFE

Shame the boss is leaving

A learned reader wise in the ways of TAFE suggests last week’s NSW state budget was “a good and sensible outcome” for the system.

Government grants are up $400m, probably in part to pay for 100 000 promised free extra course places. There is $80m for a new centre in Sydney’s west to teach construction trades and $60m for learning centres in regional centres.

Sales of goods and services were $230m under a budget $570m this year. Next year sales are expected to be $342m, less than actually earned this.

Looks like it helps having a new MD who was a deputy secretary at the state’s treasury, the LR adds.

Just not for long, Caralee McLiesh announced yesterday that she was leaving the top spot to become New Zealand treasury secretary. “Though my time here has been short, I have been proud to have contributed to strengthening TAFE,” she told staff yesterday.

Dr McLeish joined NSW TAFE in September last year.


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