Going but not forgotten: Uni Canberra to build on VC’s vision

Deep Saini leaves at the end of the year, which is when a master-plan for his development strategy is due

The University of Canberra invites expressions of interest to develop a campus master plan. “The planning for this transformation is being driven by a vision of how universities will operate in the future, abolishing the boundaries between the academy, industry and community of all ages, establishing UC as a showcase of the confluence of living, learning, innovation and entrepreneurship,” the brief states.

It appears to build on the outgoing VCs plan for the campus to be, “a lifelong learning community” evolving “into a series of interconnected precincts, with thousands of people living on campus and calling UC home,” (CMM October 27 2017).

The university says it expects the masterplan to be complete by year end, meaning it will be on the desk when the VC arrives.


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