UniCanberra plan to make the city its own

The University of Canberra will create a “lifelong learning community” evolving “into a series of interconnected precincts, with thousands of people living on campus and calling UC home.”

The vision is set out in Vice Chancellor Deep Saini’s new plan, announced yesterday. Professor Saini, in office for a year, builds on the thinking of his predecessor Stephen Parker, who aspired to embed UoC in the life of the city as a provider of kindergarten to post doc education, plus health, sporting and cultural services.

Professor Saini now says the university “will boost on-site energy through an influx of researchers, businesses, services and new residents.”

“Facilities embedded across campus to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and the strategic development of health, sport and education precincts will be guided by and integrated with the university’s academic priorities.”

This is smart strategy. UniCanberra cannot compete with vastly richer and higher profile ANU, which pitches itself as a university for the country and presenting Australia to the world. But Professor Saini can make his a campus for its city.

The new plan also emphasises community connections in it academic objectives promising to provide graduates with “lifetime career assistance,” “including access to professional development, discounted further studies, career services and professional affiliations.”

As to actual benchmarks, the plan confines itself to aspirations, including; “while fostering strong alignment between research and teaching, we will aspire to be ranked in the top quartile nationally for teaching quality in all disciplines in which we teach. We will concentrate our resources to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and aspire to rank above the national average for measures of engagement and impact.”



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