From UN to ANU: Julie Bishop’s new challenge

The former foreign minister is ANU’ next chancellor

Ms Bishop will take over in January, replacing Gareth Evans, another former foreign minister.

Announcing the appointment, Pro-Chancellor Naomi Flutter said Ms Bishop met the university community’s requirements for a new chancellor, “someone who understands our distinctive role as the national university –contributing to matters of great national and international significance –and someone who appreciates the transformative power of universities, through their teaching and research.

“In Julie, we have such a person. Her credentials for this critical university role are exceptional. I am confident she will serve our university with distinction.”

This is smartly strategic step – Ms Bishop is one of the most admired and respected women in Australia public life and as the former foreign minister she will open doors for ANU everywhere.

Ms Bishop commenced as she meant to go on yesterday, with a message to staff, all staff, not just management (and she called academics “faculty” which went down well with many).  “ANU is world class in terms of education and research and is our nation’s leading university,” she added (which went down well with everybody).


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