From the get-go at Uni Wollongong

At Uni Wollongong new VC Patricia Davidson’s priorities are plain

The university announces three new deans in Research and Innovation division.

Paul Di Pietro becomes, dean, Research Knowledge Exchange and Translation. The university’s Innovation and Commercial Research unit and its business development programmes are part of the portfolio

Sharon Robinson and Melanie Randle will share the position of dean, Researcher Development and Integrity. Professor Robinson will focus on research leadership, development, recognition, and diversity in research. Professor Randle will lead human and animal research ethics, gene technology and biosafety, foreign arrangements, defence export controls and ethics/integrity training.

They are all internal appointments.

On Tuesday UoW announced two new DVCs, David Currow (now UTS) becomes inaugural DVC Health and Sustainable Futures, starting November. Eileen McLaughlin moves from Western Sydney U to become ED, Science, Medicine and Health, starting September.