Fearless Flinders U

 “What would you do if you were fearless?” Flinders U asks in new student recruitment campaign

There’s no audio (other than wind) in a cross-platform 30 second spot, which features a young woman who walks across a blasted-heath to stand in front of what is said to be a prism, but looks like a yellow monolith. There’s a second, in a sunnier, sea-side setting but with the same monolo…, sorry prism .

There are 60 second spots that extend the idea, with young people talking about their aspirations. Plus, there’s a corporate clip of what Flinders U is about, “we don’t survive in challenging times, we thrive in them. We are fearless, we are Flinders.The campaign package is here.

A few years back the University of Southern Queensland had a courage concept for a mid-year student recruitment campaign,“unleash your fearless,” (CMM May 13 2016)but it appears USQ’s budget did not run to a prism.