Enrolment challenge of the government’s making

The Innovative Research Universities group is not awash with optimism for the government’s education agenda

“The Government focus will remain fiscal tightness ahead of policy innovation, the IRU advises in its new update. And it makes plain that the end of the demand driven system creates challenges for universities to ensure they have the resources needed to meet the coming increase in school-leaver demand for undergraduate places, “the allocated funding system will require each university to argue even more strongly its individual case, articulating the needs of its region.”

And the IRU suggests the government having ended the demand driven system will need to step up.

“If the government wishes to retain ministerial control over university by university allocations its minister will need to be nimble in responding to the likely growth in demand.”

The IRU is more optimistic about research;

“the opportunities may be more positive from the government’s industry, health and development portfolios. The Minister for Industry, Karen Andrews, is determined to improve business’ use of research. The Medical Research Future Fund will reach its full size over the next two years, adding substantially to support for applying research to change health outcomes.”


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