Electrician training shocker

Trainers are qualifying people as electricians on the basis of photos and videos of their “performing various electrical related activities” – this is supposed to demonstrate recognised prior learning

VET system watchers warn brokers for registered training organisations in NSW are pitching trade qualifications “with no study, in a matter of weeks.”

“We can get a certificate or diploma in your desired trade without classroom study through RPL” is the sell.

The quoted price for one electrician qualification is $15 000.

Observers warn of apprentices abandoning formal training in the hope of fast-track certification.

So-called RPL is also being sold to visa holders who want a qualification to assist with immigration.

The Australian Skills Qualification Authority states it is sampling registered training organisations for performance assessment and compliance. The agency also intends a “ targeted education campaign” for electrical trainers and a “broader education on the use of RPL in the VET sector.“

Legitimate trades trainers respond ASQA needs to urgently up its activity, with industry experts included in an investigations team, before errors by an untrained worker without proper qualifications gets someone killed.

It’s down to ASQA, “if its quality assurance fails, then the system fails,” observers say.