Deciding promotions at Uni Queensland

At Uni Queensland the union fears managements want a bigger say in who is promoted.

University of Queensland management is said to be looking to roll out the academic promotion rules used by the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, which upsets the union. According to the National Tertiary Education Union, management wants to, “move away from a peer review, collegial-based system to one dominated by line managers.”
Promotion committees are generally chaired by the dean, with two representatives of local confirmation and promotions committees and four staff local members. But in HABS it’s the executive dean, a head of school and two other staff members.
This, the union warns is a move away from collegial review, “one of the cornerstones of academic life.”
“Heads of schools and deans already have considerable influence over the careers of academic staff. They have a large say in the appointments of academic staff and their work, and this new system will now allow them to have an ever greater say in determining the assessment of staff performance.”


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