Tim Minchin headlines appointments and achievements

Tim Minchin has returned to Edith Cowan U to accept an hon doc. Mr Minchin is a graduate of ECUs West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He received an hon doc from UWA in 2013.

In not-standard occasional address advice he told the new graduates in his audience;You have to get good. Get really good. You don’t get to have a good work life balance. It means being a bit obsessed and if you’re lucky it won’t suck because you love it. And if you don’t love it, stop now,” he said.


Appointments, achievements of the day

The University of South Australia’s professional staff excellence awards are announced;

Industry and community engagement: The Museum of Discovery Development and Launch Team –  Kristin Alford, Anika Johnstone, Simon Loffler, Daniel Lawrance, Dylan DeLosAngeles, Becci Love, Rosie McKee, Leanne Cotter, Lucie Keightley, Kiah Buckskin-James, Peter Adams, Naomi Dallenogare, Daniella Cappelluti, Christina Colerio, Dominic Marafioti, Brett Heritage, Morris Ewings and Paul Doherty.

Industry and community engagement: Student and Admissions Services and Communications and Marketing digital marketing team – Kim Murphy, Hayes Yeung, Brian Quick and Adam Wolf. “For work undertaken collaboratively to fulfil the higher education admission transparency requirements”.

Service excellence culture:  Individual award to Milan Mili, the Business School, concierge, providing “first-rate customer service to students, industry and VIPs,” (individual award).

Marilyn Renfree (University of Melbourne) has won the (US) Society for the Study of Reproduction’s Hartmann Award. Professor Renfree’s research focuses on reproduction and development of marsupials.

Uni Queensland appoints Kerry Kilner as the HASS faculty’s reconciliation action coordinator.

Jonathan Pincus is awarded the E.O.G. Shann Award for distinguished service to economic history in Australia. He is now a visiting professor at the University of Adelaide.


Appointments, achievements of the week


At Edith Cowan U, Angela Hill is promoted to the new position of DVC Education. She joined ECU in 2017 and is now PVC Education.

Liam Hall from the University of Melbourne has won drug company Merck’s Next Game-Changing Technology Prize for a concept on miniaturising nuclear magnetic resonance.

James Boyd will become La Trobe U’s inaugural chair in digital health at end April. He joins from the Centre for Data Linkage at Curtin U.

Richard Hillis returns to the University of Adelaide as PVC Research. His appointment was announced, and commenced yesterday – it runs until next January.  It’s a short-term appointment to cover the role until a new DVC R is appointed and looks to make their own selection.

Bond U has appointed Chris Knapp head of the school of architecture. He moves from Western Sydney U. 

Alec Webb is acting executive director of the Australian Technology Network. The ATN policy analyst stepped up following the departure of Renee Hindmarsh.

Kim Copeland has started as Charles Sturt U’s director of student safety and wellbeing.



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