Curriculum review adds-up for peak tech lobby

Science and Technology Australia likes a lot in the national school curriculum review

A review of the national curriculum is an opportune moment to  ensure Australian students are getting a world-class education that makes them competitive in a global marketplace. Many of the proposed changes seek to do exactly that, the peak body states in its submission to the Australian Curriculum Review Consultation.

In particular STA supports addition of,

* content to expand understanding of climate systems

* “further material on the nature of science”

* new content on intercultural science. “Strong diversity in teams and organisations is linked to innovation, productivity and excellence”

* the proposed updated content of resources on science and maths in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, “knowledge, practices and cultures

However it is careful to qualify support for proposed revisions to the first ten years of school maths. STA “acknowledges” the intention in the review to “ensure the mathematics curriculum not only teaches core foundational maths skills and knowledge – but also enhances students problem-solving skills.” However it adds that STA member, the Australian Mathematical Skills Institute “has articulated some concerns” with “the proposed removal of sme core mathematical concepts.”

So, STA suggests the curriculum review meet with AMSI “to further refine” the proposed maths changes.

Neatly done.