Claire Field on what’s to like in the AQF review


There are six recommendations  to support in the Australian Qualifications Framework review

Since CMM published my article last week on the AQF Review I have had a number of people ask me for my thoughts on the other recommendations made in the report.

Before I tackle them, I should note that a gremlin crept in to last week’s article. It referred to “one of the review’s major failing is its application”. Actually, it’s the current AQF that fails in its application, and the examples of current problems in qualification design are testament to that. In fact, I have subsequently been advised that we have a Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising with 35 units of competency (and its electives can include units from the Diploma of Business which you’ll recall comprises a grand total of 8 units!)

Recommendations from the Review which I support are:

* recognising micro-credentials in the AQF

* identifying general capabilities (if this works when implemented)

* expressing volumes of learning in hours for the new learner

* not trying to determine a specific AQF level for the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education

* introducing credit points, and

* re-introducing a governance body specifically responsible for the AQF.

I don’t yet have a view on the proposed “realignment options” for the AQF from 10 levels to eight bands because (a) there are a number of options presented in the Review for this change and (b) I’m not clear on the implications. On this I would definitely defer to the views of those at the coalface charged with qualification design.

Claire Field advises on VET, international education and private higher education.


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