Claire Field on TEQSA re-registration

It’s good to see TEQSA re-register Uni Tas – but there are bunch of institutions to come


It was good to see TEQSA re-register the University of Tasmania for seven years. I was pleased because the decision appears to recognise, amongst other things, the seriousness of their response to the ABC’s allegations of English language ‘waivers’ for international students. You will recall Uni Tas commissioned an independent review, published the report and implemented changes.

It was also pleasing as it had been on my watch-list of providers (now only nine – two universities and seven non-university higher education providers) with registration “pending renewal” because TEQSA is yet to finalise their audits.

It is likely the situation will get worse before it gets better. The registration of another six non-university higher education providers is due to expire before the end of the year.

From the provider’s perspective, a delay in finalising re-registration is nothing more than an inconvenience. But there can be circumstances where the implications are more serious – for students and the sector.

The NUHEP whose registration has been “pending renewal” the longest amongst the nine providers, that is 22 months and counting, also had its registration period explicitly shortened by TEQSA. It is concerning that TEQSA does not appear to have made it a priority to finalise the audit of a provider which in the agency’s own words “failed to meet a number of provisions of the Threshold Standards”.

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