China matters more than ever

The feds set out country-markets share of international student revenue, based on ABS multipliers. It shows how big China’s share is. Scary huh?

This year Chinese students generate $12bn of the $37bn in national education exports, way more than the next five markets, India $5.5bn, Nepal, $1.6bn, Malaysia $1.4bn, Vietnam $1.4bn and Brazil, $1bn.

Overall revenue grew 15 per cent from 2013-15 to 2018-19, with China still up 9 per cent on a big base. Five years ago, the PRC generated around a quarter of industry income, it’s now 32 per cent.

And there’s no replacement market. (On which point is it only CMM who wonders how Nepal with a GDP of $US 79bn and 25 per cent of the population below the poverty line as of 2011 is Australia’s third largest education source?)


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