Campaign to get students talking – just not in English

A grand alliance of universities* committed to a multi-lingual Australia is funding a social media campaign

They are backing a social media campaign promoting study of Indonesian, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish. “Rich with possibility for self-discovery and career development” is one part of the pitch, the low-cost of language units, compared to humanities subjects, is the other.

There’s a website with benefits of learning each of the target languages and links to a fee calculator and course contacts, as in actual individuals, at participating institutions.

Flash it is not, but it’s vastly better than universities just giving up and cutting languages which lake student demand, or vocal communities.

Campaign representative Liam Prince, talks about why Australians aren’t learning Indonesian for CMM’s Expert Opinion (ep nine), HERE.

* The National Languages Campaign comes from, Australian Catholic U, ANU, Flinders U, Macquarie U, Monash U, Uni Melbourne, Uni Newcastle, Uni New South Wales, Uni Queensland, UTS and the  Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies.