Big research wins for Uni Queensland

The university has two ARC Centres

Janeen Baxter will lead the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course, with $32m in federal funding. Three other Australian universities and three Australian universities and 17 academic and industry partner organisations from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and America will contribute a further $33m in cash and kind.

“This research centre will use new methods and enhanced data to better inform the design of policies and programs targeted at supporting families,” Education Minister Dan Tehan says.

The new funding appears to extend the life of the existing ARC centre for children-families, in place at Uni Queensland since 2014.

The university wins a further $35 for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Peptide and Protein Science. Centre lead David Craik says, peptides and proteins are, “the building blocks of life that carry out almost all biological functions. … -Applications are as diverse as growing medicinal drugs in plant bio-factories or developing novel antibiotics by analysing the milk of the Tasmanian Devil.”

The two awards follow Uni Queensland winning the ARC Centre for Plant Success in Agriculture (CMM, October 9) and the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems (CMM, August 28)


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