Early applause for the AQF review

Early responses to the Noonan review of the Australian Qualifications Framework (CMM yesterday) are approving, but sparse

Universities Australia presented an observer’s approval; “while many of the proposed changes apply more to vocational training than to university education, (the review’s) goal of greater clarity is a laudable aim across both post-secondary sectors.”

Independent Higher Education Australia welcomed the review, including “simplifying, streamlining and rationalising the AQF,” with “fewer and more clearly defined bands,” aligning micro-credentials with the framework and “a closer and clearer relationship between the Higher Education Standards Framework and the AQF. CEO Simon Finn said the review recommendations are “responsive to the issues which IHEA raised.”

Innovative Research Universities, “welcomed the AQF review report and its aim to make the qualifications system simpler & more flexible. It is a thoughtful report and unis will now need to consider implications of the proposals,” – which you can be sure IRU analysts will do –they like a walk in the weeds.

But last night that was it, with lobbies that can make a case for more funding on the basis of Azerbaijan election results staying silent. Perhaps organisations are still working out what the most closely argued and complex report of the year actually means for them.


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