Big ideas up in lights

There’s the famous three-minute thesis, the dance your PhD competition – and now you can digitally display your research

Australians have scooped the prize pool at the first Visualise your Thesis competition. Graduate students from 16 universities across ANZ, Hong Kong and South Africa, competed to explain their work to a general audience in a 60-second digital display, using a pre-supplied e-template.

It’s an update of the conference poster – using multimedia instead of felt pens.

Uni Melbourne research managers, where the idea was first put up on a poster, are looking for more universities to run campus competitions and send winners on to the world championship, next year.  Contact Jennifer Warburton @ [email protected] .

The 2019 winners are;

Annaclaire McDonald (UTS) who explained her work on soil remediation with a “certified ear worm song” (“Baby Bark”, perhaps – sorry).

 Donovan Garcia-Ceron (La Trobe U) used “a stunning claymation” to demonstrate fungal infections in textiles and crops

Carmen Glanville (Uni Melbourne) used video to explain how to “protect pets by changing people”

You can see all the entries, here.


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