Australian Catholic U makes a final offer

Last night ACU management announced it and the CPSU (with union members on the two NSW campuses) had settled on terms for a new enterprise agreement. The NTEU is not with them

COO Stephen Weller says management “carefully considered” the position of the National Tertiary Education Union (the big one across Australian campuses) and has extended the offer of October 13, with “further additional salary” for junior academics and “enhanced benefits.”

But that it is and Professor Weller says, “I now await the NTEU’s response.”

The NTEU told CMM last night that, “we continue to bargain in good faith and are considering the offer.”

This is the second time in a week that a university has split the two unions – at Southern Cross U the CPSU and management have agreed on terms while the NTEU has not (CMM yesterday).

What happens next will take courtesy from both sides if a win-win is to occur instead of contested all-staff vote on management’s offer. ACU  has no wriggle room – Dr Weller says VC Zlatko Skrbis “has endorsed” what is now on the table. But the NTEU may be considering what the non-union majority of the workforce would decide if management puts the offer to a vote, without a united front of unions opposing.

What happens will interest managements and unions at other universities still skirmishing over bargaining.