Australian Academy of the Humanities announces 2022 Fellows

24 are elected, including 19 from Group of Eight universities

Honorary Fellows include Kim Carr, variously minister for science, research and higher education, among other portfolios, in Labor ministries, 2007-2013. The recently retired senator was awarded the Academy of Science Medal last month and is also a new fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

The new humanities academy fellows are.

* Wayan Arka (ANU), * Jill Bennett (UNSW) * Caroline Bird  (Archae-aus), * Clint Bracknell (Uni Queensland) * Deborah Brown (Uni Queensland) * Simon Butt (Uni Sydney) * Jane Clark (Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart).

* Natalie Edwards (Uni Adelaide) * Jenny Green (Uni Melbourne) * Ari Heinrich (ANU) * Wayne Hudson (ANU) * Tony Hughes d’Aeth (UWA) * Marguerite Johnson (Uni Newcastle) *Jay Johnston (Uni Sydney) * Ronan McDonald (Uni Melbourne) * Felicity Meakins (Uni Queensland).

* Richard Menary (Macquarie U) * Antonio Rubina (Uni Sydney) * Nicola Stern (La Trobe U) * Carolyn Strange (ANU) * Thom van Dooren (Uni Sydney) * Denise Varney (Uni Melbourne) * Anik Waldow (Uni Sydney) * Sally Young (Uni Melbourne).