Asking researchers how to measure their performance

Chief Scientist Cathy Foley will advise the government “on the future of assessment practices in Australia’s research system”

Dr Foley’s office has commissioned the Australian Council of Learned Academies and the  Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia to ask researchers, in part via a survey, HERE.

The intent is to identify measures of research assessment that,

* recognise “mentorship, outreach, team science, innovation commercialisation”

* “support “a diverse research workforce”

* recognise “research quality and research excellence, while supporting research integrity”

* provide “the right incentives for researchers and institutions to engage in high quality research, development and innovation”

Tough issues all – especially as they go to who gets how-much research funding.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has struggled for years with age and gender distribution of grants. And the Sheil Review of the Australian Research Council Act recommended the agency, “review and simplifies the criteria used to assess research opportunities in respect to academic careers.”

Dr Foley’s office states the work is, “at the request of the Australian Government,” but there is no word on whether the brief is from this government or the last.