Appointments, achievements

Macquarie U VC awards for professional staff go to (academic awards were in CMM yesterday)

* outstanding service: Angela Chow (Business School)

* collaboration: Professional Services Transformation team: Gemma Bennett, Fiona Cross, Amanda Holden, Claudia Huang, Carina Jarman, Rachael Kane, Sally Langford, Sumiit Mathur, Sanyu Mugambwa, Joanna Penney, Jim Phaboutdy, Fiona Reyerink, Bradley Windon

* innovation: Results Integration Project team, Hayley Harris (Medicine, Health, Human Sciences), Michael Herbert, (Planning, Performance), Medicine, Health, Human Sciences ( Michael Bogle, Kerri Mackenzie, Rachael Rotton), Matthew Robson (Science and Engineering)

* leadership: Robyn Westcott (DVC portfolio)

* diversity: Katrina Sealey (Science, Engineering)

pandemic response: International team: Stephen Fan, Qiubeu Fu, Timothy Hyde, Jason Ray, Tanveer Shaheed


Geoff McColl (Uni Queensland ) becomes president of the Australian Medical Council

The NSW Environment Protection Authority announces two board appointment, Bradley Moggridge (AsPro, indigenous water science, Uni Canberra) and Chris Turney (professor earth sciences, UTS)

Bruce Watson will act as DVC Equity Diversity at UNSW, following Eileen Baldry’s departure next month.