Appointments, achievements

Julia Carlomagno joins Monash (U) Publishing as publisher.

Curtin U announces new John Curtin Distinguished Professors. In Business and Law Fran Ackermann, Alan Duncan, Marylene Gagne, Mark Griffin, Sharon Parker and Ian Phau. In Health Sciences, Donna Chung, Phill Della, John Mamo and Zhonghua Sun. In Humanities, Rod Ellis. In Science and Engineering, Craig Buckley, Boris Gurevich, Iain Murray, Andrew Rohl, Tele Tan, Kate Trinajstic.

 Uni Queensland’s teaching and learning awards were announced last night. Teaching excellence: Taylor Dick (Biomedical Sciences), Poh Wah Hillock (Maths and Physics), Deanne Gannaway (Teaching and Learning Innovation), Allison Mandrusiak (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences), Kevin Welsh (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Citations for student learning: Michaela Kelly and team (Vulnerability in Medicine Tutorial Programme), Rachel Allavena (Vet Science), Karen Hughes (Business School), Hassan Khosravi (Teaching and Learning Innovation), Stuart Middleton (Business School) and Mark Tanner (Business School)

The WA Cancer Council 2021 research awards go to, Henry Hui – UWA, (early career researcher), Christobel Saunders – UWA (career achievement), Jason Waithman – Telethon Kids Institute (researcher of the year)

 Mark Young leaves La Trobe U this week. He moves to Uni Tasmania to be Director, Future Student Journey.