ANU receives “a gift to the world”

ANU has $10m for autoimmune disease research

The funds are a bequest from Jenny and Bruce Pryor, who died in 2017. Ms Pryor suffered from dermatomyositis a rare (one in 100 000 people) muscle disease and the money is for research at the university’s Centre for Personalised Immunology.  The centre’s Carola Vinuesa says the funding “changes everything. It will enable us to build the most comprehensive discovery programme for DM in Australia and possibly the worl

“This is not just a gift to ANU it is a gift to the world.”

According to ANY the Pryors’ gift is the university’s largest bequest. The largest overall donation is the 30-year Graeme and Louise Tuckwell scholarship programme estimated to be worth $200m (CMM July 13 2016).


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