And the golden vac goes to …

Four ANZ inventions are on the global top 20 list for the Dyson Award

The Dyson award (as in Sir James of the vac) is for engineering, product and industrial design undergrads and recent graduates, whose invention “solves a problem,” (CMM May 3).

Locals with a chance to clean-up are:

 Alexander Ghent (UNSW): The Eddy, “a retro-fittable filtration system for washing machines, designed to stop micro-plastic pollution from synthetic clothing reaching the marine environment.”

Frederique Sunstrum (UNSW): Continuity, “monitor glucose levels and deliver insulin ‘non-invasively’ ” for people with Type One Diabetes

Ryan Tilley (RMIT): Gecko Traxx, “a portable and affordable manual wheelchair accessory that enables off-road access”

Hannah Tillsley and Chamonix Stuart (Victoria U of Wellington): Nah Yeah Buoy, “a buoy that can detect a rip and change colour depending on the danger of the rip”


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