An SA uni merger: what’s happening depends on who you ask

There’s a $1m in the state budget for a “commission to advise the government on a university merger” – a  project Premier Malinauskas campaigned on at the last election (CMM June 6)

So how’s that going, what with part of the commission’s brief being to “engage” with the three public universities? Depends who you ask, – here’s what spokespeople tell CMM.

Flinders U, “will work constructively with the state government to ensure that we have a strong and competitive university sector.”

Uni SA “has consistently indicated that we are open to engaging in constructive dialogue with our peer institutions on the government’s policy and how we might strengthen higher education in the state. We are looking forward to seeing the details of the university merger commission when they are released and we would welcome the opportunity to participate.”

And Uni Adelaide states it is, “working collaboratively with the state government to explore their vision for higher education in South Australia.

“Discussions to consider policy implications and how we might achieve the best outcomes for staff, students and the South Australian community have been held. A formal University of Adelaide position in respect of such matters will be a made by our council in due course.”