An even bigger build at ANU

The university has been talking up its campus building programme, but we ain’t seen nothing yet

The university has recently completed the $260m Kambri complex, five new buildings, plus shops and service providers, around a tree-lined promenade. But this is but a Hameau to the Versailles the university aspires to, announcing yesterday a 20 year plan to transform the campus, with seven separate hubs. There is no information on costings.

Although the university is careful to make clear Kambri predates the plan they share an emphasis on integrating with the environment and respecting the campus’ Indigenous heritage.

Inevitably Clark Kerr’s Law* applies, with promises to do something about parking, with 13 sites identified for multi-story station, to reduce pressure on surface space and help make possible “cross-campus promenades”.

The first stage, now to 2023 “incorporates” 16 thoroughfare and construction projects.

 * “… and parking for the faculty”



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