Admission rules: fairer but still hard to follow

Universities are doing their best to use the new and mandatory undergraduate admissions terminology with prospective students (CMM February 8).  But it seems some of it is getting lost in the translation from academic to English. Where once students who needed a higher score to get into a course could “upgrade” their chance by extra study now have to take an admissions pathway. “I can’t wait to explain to my first low ATAR 60 that if they don’t gain entry into their preferred degree through their admissions pathway then they should consider an admissions pathway,” a learned reader remarks. And there are new issues in presenting entry scores. Such as the case of a course with a lowish threshold which happened to attract high performing students last year. Where an ATAR in the middle 70s is required if last year’s lowest ATAR entrant had a significantly higher score that is what must be quoted. At the other end, the ATARs of people who got into a course under what used to be called special admissions schemes are listed as the minimum, “creating wildly inaccurate entry information.”


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