Adelaide. Great, different (just ask the uni)

Uni Adelaide is pitching to prospective students from India and China, with a social media message, “we are not Melbourne (for all the right reasons)” it isn’t Sydney either.

Not, you understand, that Uni Adelaide is having a go at the two giant Group of Eight unis named for the two towns.

“The university has taken an evidence-based approach to the campaign, understanding that the cities of Sydney and Melbourne naturally make up the bulk of awareness in each of these countries. However, our evidence shows that once students are aware of Adelaide and the University of Adelaide, they respond positively towards the world-class education they receive from our university within one of the world’s most liveable cities,” a spokesperson says.

So, what are the “right reasons” to which Uni Adelaide refers? One is “study at a top 1 per cent university. In the heart of the city of Adelaide,” another is “study in a city that offers an extra year of in-country post-study work,” (under the 485 visa).

“In many ways, this is a unique proposition in which the University of Adelaide compares favourably to our eastern states cities: a highly-ranked university with quality educational offerings, in a city that is known for its affordability, accessibility and lifestyle. The awareness campaign is simply that, helping some students to consider Adelaide as an alternative to Australia’s biggest cities as a study destination,” UA explains.

Good-o, but the “liveable city” comparison could be a bit of a stretch. On this year’s Economist Intelligence Unit list of world most liveable cities Adelaide is tenth, but Sydney is 3rd and Melbourne is 2nd.


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