A job for research infrastructure experts

The Department of Education announces, just very quietly, the National Research Infrastructure Advisory Group

It’s creation was recommended by the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, which set out tasks for the group, including, advice to government on planning and funding and opportunities for integration and function alignment across the 24 NRI resources.

The Roadmap also charged the to be appointed advisors with a workforce strategy to “to support career pathways, address technical skills shortages and identify capability gaps.”

This matters because, the NRI “is underpinned by a highly skilled and increasingly specialised workforce that needs job security and opportunities for career mobility and professional development.”

“Hang-on” you say, “didn’t NRI facility directors raise this the other week?”  They did indeed, arguing that their tech experts do not fit the HEW professional staff classification many are jammed into and that NRIs need “a job-family of their own” (CMM November 8).

This is now a proposal for the new advisory group – consisting of, Calum Drummond, Stephen van Leeuwen, Leanna Read, Joseph Shapter, Elizabeth Sonenberg, Suzanne Toumbourou, Mark Western, announced yesterday.

Although one needed to know learned readers who know where to look,   HERE.