A case for research in TAFE

Not into TAFE, by TAFE

TAFEs have the deep subject matter expertise, specialist tools and industry networks required to successfully engage in applied research,” TAFE Directors Australia suggest.

A new report on “the vital role TAFE plays in equipping the Australian workforce for a digitised world” presents the case.  It suggests the Canadian model of applied research in training colleges should be considered.

“While vocational education and training providers may never have the research depth of leading research universities, and nor should that be a driver, TAFEs should be given the capacity and resources to undertake contained and industry-driven innovation projects that are best aligned to the applied nature of the education and training sector.”

Good-o, but TAFE isn’t the only option for industry-focused  VET research – the training divisions of the “full service six” universities (CQURMITVictoria U, Federation USwinburne U and Charles Darwin U) could do it.


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