Canberra Tall Poppies lead appointments, achievements

Bradey Moggridge (Uni Canberra) is the ACT Science Tall Poppy of the year. He works on cultural awareness in water policy.

The Young Tall Poppies are; Amelia Gulliver (access to mental health), Lara Malins (therapeutic potential of peptides and proteins), A J Mitchell (nuclear physics), Riccardo Natoli (age-related macular degeneration ) – all ANU. Madeline Mitchell (CSIRO) works on biodegradable plant-based fibres.

Chris Anderson will become the Australian Academy of Science policy director. He moves from chief of staff to former Labor research minister Kim Carr. He should feel at home. His new boss, Anna Maria Arabia was Bill Shorten’s chief of staff 2013-16. In June, the academy hired Louise Moes, also a former Labor staffer, as manager of diversity and inclusion.

Adrienne Erickson is the Swayne Senior Fellow in Australian design at the National Museum of Australia. She joins from DFAT.



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