Campus Morning Mail summer edition

Nonsense rampant on a field of blather

Victoria University explains its logo to students, (yesterday): “The white circle in the middle? That’s you! It offers a point of focus & signifies the importance of the individual. The chevron/diamond conveys excellence. The dark sky-blue colour carries associations of hopes, aspiration and the future. The subtly graded perforation of the logo communicates the idea of accessibility Basically, it symbolises the individual student surrounded by excellence, accessibility & their own hopes and aspirations.” And there I was thinking it was just a diamond-ish device with blue lines. Honestly, if you have to explain a logo it isn’t worth having.

“And there’s a pile-up in Academic Senate”

Griffith University is now sponsoring traffic reports on the Brisbane edition of the Today Show. Of course, by the time the information has gone through the university’s committee system Monday’s report will go out on Thursday. I wonder if the ARC will count this as research.

Non-issue of the week

(And it is only Tuesday). The University of South Australia shut down allegations that its scheduled short court courses in men’s health are manifestos for misogyny quick-smart yesterday. “The certificate has been developed by the University and consists of two short courses – one covering male health in perspective, another dealing with health promotion programs that target males.  No other courses have been approved and any proposed courses will be evaluated through normal university processes. … The University does not endorse or support the controversial comments on gender issues published in today’s (Adelaide) Advertiser.  These comments were not made by UniSA staff and have no relevance to the new health related certificate being introduced by the university.” Good-oh, but how did the story get legs in the first place?

Be afraid, very afraid

Harvard University advises “as of the end of 2013, HarvardX has had 893,956 registrants in 226 countries.”  How long before people start calling for tariffs on the import of ideas?