Keep the selfies simple

The University of Queensland encourages students to take their own ID photos, but there are rules – plain head and shoulder shots only with no Snapchat filter additions. Tough on students who always wear bunny ears.

VCs on the hons list

Five senior members of the higher education community are new companions in the Order of Australia. Present vice chancellor Peter Hoj, from the University of Queensland was honoured as was past VC (Monash U) and present chancellor (La Trobe U) Richard Larkins. They are joined by University of Wollongong chancellor Jillian Broadbent  and two scientists, UTS genomics researcher Elizabeth Dennis and geneticist Kathryn North, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Patrick Troy, urban planner and ANU emeritus professor, is a posthumous AC.   Barney Glover (VC, Western Sydney U), r  Sandra Harding (VC, James Cook U) and Jillian Segal (deputy chancellor UNSW) become AOs.

Complete lists below.

There’s more in the Mail

In Features this morning – David Myton ’s regular wrap on what’s happening in the world of highered

Name pain for little gain at Charles Sturt U

Over the summer Charles Sturt U management told staff it wants to change the university’s name to (fanfare, if you please) Sturt University ( CMM Jan 14). But now hot off the rumour-mill comes a suggestion that the university is printing stationery under its selected new name – Wiradjuri U. The oldest CSU campuses are on the homelands of the  Indigenous Australian Wiradjuri nation.

The university is strongly denying this, which is bound to lead to questions what’s wrong with the name Wiradjuri.  It’s a lot of grief to delete “Charles”.

Murdoch U drops case against union official

Murdoch University confirms it is no longer suing National Tertiary Education Union official Gabe Gooding. The university tells CMM it, “can confirm it has discontinued this action. This matter is now closed and we have no further comment.”

The university intended to sue over an article in an NTEU magazine. However, in December, Murdoch U failed to secure an injunction covering a union publication. In the WA Supreme Court Chief Justice Quinlan dismissed the application stating “In the circumstances, having regard to: (a) what I find to be a relatively weak case (including the claim that the article would be likely to cause the university financial damage); and (b) the adverse effect that an injunction would have on freedom of expression, in my view, the balance of convenience does not favour an injunction being made in this case.” The judgement is here.

At the time the university said  (CMM December 4), “the Court found Murdoch has an arguable case that the NTEU’s article as a whole conveys a meaning that could be characterised as misleading. The Court found there is some basis for maintaining that the NTEU’s statements are, strictly speaking, false,”  but MU seems to have changed its mind.

With this matter concluded it seems blues between Murdoch U and the union are finally over. The two have been in pretty much continual conflict since enterprise bargaining negotiations started to stall in August 2013.

Everyone’s a critic

Closing design college Raffles is auctioning its assets (CMM Friday). Why a learned reader asks did it not have a (ahem) raffle.

From the shakey isles a correspondent points out that Uni Canberra   research on prickly pear juice (also Friday) would go better with tequila than CMM’s suggested gin.

TEQSA  ticks uni performance on dealing with sexual assault and harassment

The higher education regulator reports “Australian universities to be moving in a positive direction” on dealing with sexual assault. But as for non uni HE providers ...

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency has met a ministerial directive and reported on higher education providers responses to sexual assault and harassment.

TEQSA found 90 per cent plus universities have; * established taskforces, * policies on the problems, and * provide training. All unis report cases internally and nine publicly.

But TEQSA is less positive about other providers, reporting, “there is a lot of work to be done.”

The agency report on 123 private and TAFE higher education providers states; * there is “no evidence” of a policy at 42 per cent,  * 16 per had reviewed their policies, or intended to, * 18 per cent had information for students on their websites.

The agency says it will now, “look for evidence to confirm that all higher education providers are taking action to prevent and reduce the incidence of sexual assault and sexual harassment.” TEQSA adds it considers how institutions deal with sexual assault and harassment as part of registration reviews.

Unis keep sex harassment case outcomes confidential

Just four universities are making it possible for staff to confidentially report their experience to the workplace sexual harassment inquiry

The Human Rights Commission is still accepting submissions for its inquiry into workplace sexual harassment and is urging employers to issue limited waivers of non-disclosure in agreements that settled settled workplace claims. This would allow individuals to make confidential submissions to the inquiry.  To date four universities have done so, ANU, Federation U, Macquarie U and Uni Newcastle.

“We believe that the universities which have allowed this (albeit limited) waiver should receive a public pat on the back for setting a great example in the sector. … In light of the current social climate, and in the wake of the (Unis Australia’s) Respect.Now.Always campaign, withholding this waiver seems hypocritical at best,” learned readers tell CMM.

Australia Day Honours

New Order of Australia recipients with a present higher and further education or research role are below (with apologies to any CMM missed).



Gillian Broadbent, chancellor, Uni Wollongong.

Elizabeth Dennis, genomics, UTS.

Peter Hoj, VC, Uni Queensland.

Richard Larkins, chancellor, La Trobe U.

Kathryn North, genetics, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

(The late) Patrick Troy, urban planning, ANU.



David Ball, medicine Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Donald Chalmers, medical research, Uni Tas.

Helen Christenesen,  medical research,  UNSW.

Mark Dodgson, business innovation, Uni Queensland.

Olaf Drummer,  forensics, Monash U.

Jane Fisher, medicine, Monash U.

Bevil (Barney) Glover, VC, Western Sydney U.

Sandra Harding, VC, James Cook U.

Bruce Kemp, medical research, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research.

Brian Kennett, earth sciences, ANU.

Ross Large, geology, Uni Tas.

Daryl Le Grew, education, Uni Melbourne.

Sharon Lewin, medical research, Uni Melbourne.

Harold Luntz, legal education, Uni Melbourne.

Catriona McLean, medicine, Alfred Health.

John McNeil, medicine, Monash U.

Kate Moore, medical research,  UNSW.

Trefor Morgan, medicine, Uni Melbourne.

John Murtagh, medicine, Monash U.

Andrew Pitman, climate science, UNSW.

Beverley Rowbotham, medical education, Uni Queensland.

Elaine Sadler, astrophysics, Uni of Sydney.

Peter Schofield, medicine, Neuroscience Research Australia.

Jillian Segal, deputy chancellor, UNSW.

Melanie Wakefield, medical research, Uni Melbourne.


Wilfred ArmaregoBiochemistry, ANU. Carol Armour, medical education, Uni Sydney. Valerie Atkinson, services to the Indigenous community, Southern Cross U. Robert Augusteyn, vision science, UNSW.


Joanna Barker, medical education, Curtin U. Sharon Bell, tertiary education, Uni Western Sydney. John Beltrame, cardiovascular medicine, Uni Adelaide. Julie-Ann Bernhardt, medical research, Florey Institute. Francis Bongiorno, tertiary education and history, ANU. Tara Brabazon, education, Flinders U. Felicity Bradshaw, biological sciences, UWA. Penelope Briscoe, medical education, Uni Adelaide. Alison Broinowski, international relations, ANU. Andrew Brooks, medicine, Uni Sydney. Lester Burgess, agriculture research, Uni Sydney.


Jeanell Carrigan, music education, Uni Sydney. Anne Chang, medicine, Menzies School of Health Research. Stephen Chen, dental education, Uni Melbourne. Nathan Cherny, medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, Israel. Milton Cohen, medical education, UNSW. Rodney Cooter, medicine, Uni Adelaide. David Crawford, public health nutrition, Deakin U.


Ian Dickson, chemistry, Deakin U. Katharine Drummond, neuro-oncology, Uni Melbourne. Judith Dwyer, healthcare management, Flinders U.


Gareth Evans, animal biology, Uni Sydney.


David Forbes, paediatric gastroenterology, UWA.


Mary Galea, clinical physiotherapy, Uni Melbourne. Paul Garrahy, cardiology research, Uni Queensland. Mary Garson, organic chemistry, Uni Queensland. Afaf Girgis, medical education, UNSW. John Griffiths, music education, Monash U. Robert Grunstein, sleep disorders, Uni Sydney. Peeyush Gupta, governance and philanthropy, Western Sydney U.


Paul Haber, addiction medicine, Uni Sydney. Jeffrey Hamdorf, medical education, UWA. David Harris, medicine, Uni Sydney. Margaret Hellard, infectious diseases, Burnet Institute. Adrian Hibberd, medicine, Uni Newcastle. Carmel Hillyard, medical biotechnology, Academy Tech Sciences and Engineering. Ross Holland, pharmacy practise, Australian College of Pharmacy Practice. Jennifer Hoy, medicine, Monash U.


Maria Kavallaris, cancer research, UNSW. Matthew Kiernan, neurology, Uni Sydney. Richard Krever, legal education, UWA.


Paul Lancaster, community health, Uni Sydney. John Langmore, international relations, Uni Melbourne.


Peter McCawley services to Asia Pacific, ANU. Jennifer McIntosh, child development psychology, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Donald McTaggart, medicine, UniTas. David Malin, astronomy, RMIT. Anne Martin, services to the Indigenous Community, ANU. Andrew Miller, dermatology and professional organisations, ANU. Sarah Miller, performing arts, Uni Wollongong. Geraldine Moses, pharmacy, Uni Queensland.


Paul Pavli, medicine, ANU. James Pratley, agricultural science, Charles Sturt U. Roger Pulvers, Japanese literature, Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Karen Quinlan, visual arts, La Trobe U.


Judy Raper, higher education, Uni Wollongong. Lynette Russell, higher education, Monash U. Lyndall Ryan, higher education, Uni Newcastle.


Paul Simshauser, energy economics and policy, Griffith U. Nicholas Smith, parasitologist and immunologist, UTS.  Simon Smith, higher education, Victoria U. Neil Spike, medical education, Uni Melbourne. Julie Steele, biomechanics, Uni Wollongong. David Stevens, naval history, Australian War Memorial. Sarah Strasser, medical education, Uni Queensland.


Diane Twigg, nursing, Edith Cowan U.


Paul Vogel, environmental leadership, chair CRC for Contamination Assessment.


Mark Way, medical administration, Alfred Health and Monash U. David Whiteman, medical research, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. David Widdowson, higher education, Charles Sturt U. Roger Wilkinson, medicine, Uni Queensland. Patricia Woolley, conservation of Australian dasyurid marsupials, La Trobe U.


Peter Young, higher education, member Monash U council.


Zhiguo Yuan, urban water management, Uni Queensland.



Sonia Allan, tertiary education and law, Deakin U. Neil Bright, (deceased) medical education, UNSW. Alexander Campbell, medicine, Monash U. Peter Dwyer, medicine, Uni Melb. Doseena Fergie, community health, Australian Catholic U. Christabel Foster, medical education, Uni Sydney Sally Anne Garratt, nursing, La Trobe U. David Greenberg, mental health, UNSW. Heather Gridley, community health, Victoria U. Craig Hassed, medicine, Monash U. Kevin Hegarty, public health administration, Uni Sunshine Coast. Elise Klein, social welfare, Uni Melbourne. Stanley Menzies, clinical teacher, medicine for Monash, Deakin and Flinders universities. Jane Page, education, Uni Melbourne Jaswinder Singh, medicine, Macquarie U. Ian Willis, community history, Uni Wollongong