You can run but you can’t hide from activity guidelines

If you are just back from a run this morning and feeling good about it, don’t.  Deakin researchers  report that plenty of people they define as joggers (28kms a week), and runners (67kms) do not meet the World Health Organisation activity guidelines.

Deakin researchers, Timo Rantalainen, Matthew Quittner, Nicola Ridgers and Daniel Belavy, with Finnish colleague Arto Pesola, timed groups of runners, joggers and sedentary citizens to find 32 per cent of joggers and 4 per cent of runners fail to get the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate and better physical activity in ten minute bursts. A run, it seems, is not enough, if you them sit on your bum for rest of the day. As for the sedentary souls, 35 per cent got what they needed through incidental activity.  Hermes and Atalanta are tough gods to serve.


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