Yes but, no but, yes but at Uni Sunshine Coast

First some classes were going on-line, then campuses were staying open and now everything is off for the week

Last Monday Social Sciences told students it would move as many classes on-line as possible.  Head of School Ken Greenwood told students, “we have been preparing for this for several weeks now” because, “the scientific evidence clearly indicates that the best way to protect us all is to minimise contact between people.”

Good-o, at least until Wednesday, when academic dean Steve Wilcox responded that the Prime Minister wanted universities and schools to stay open and that was USC policy. Which was followed 15 minutes later by Professor Greenwood telling staff to cancel his previous message, “I have been instructed to retract the email and to instruct you to return to the delivery modes we were using last week.”

CMM hopes everybody involved kept their files, because late Friday acting VC Robert Elliot announced classes are suspended this week, “to redesign face-to-face teaching and assessments to modes that do not require students’ personal attendance on campus.”