World-first quantum computer challenge

Minister-friendly media are all-over the government’s quantum strategy, applauding intent, anticipating achievements which won’t be hard to accomplish – except for academics

The document includes eight “indicators of success,” most of which will be easily achieved, what with there being no hard numbers. One,  “a strong quantum technology industry” will be measured by the number of companies and their valuation and investment leveraged by industry – there is no word on base-lines.

But researchers are given specifics on which they will be compared against national competitors, “rankings in research publications and impact for quantum,” “number of patents and trademarks” and sale/licencing of IP

Plus there is a time-specific, no-hedging outcome on which the strategy and all on-board it will be judged; “ building the world’s first error-corrected quantum computer in Australia” (p28)

Tempus fugit quantum scientists.