Wonderful Wicking

The education category of the national export awards includes experts in putting paying bums on profitable seats – and then there is the entry that should win

Tasmania proposes the Wicking Centre for Dementia Research and Education, based at the state’s university. CMM is a big fan of Wicking’s work, notably the two MOOCs on understanding and dealing with dementia. There are 300 000 enrolments in 200 countries in them to date and a survey of 42 000 users reported “understanding” helps (CMM April 12).

The Wicking Centre may not add a brass razoo to the balance of payments but in demonstrating Australia is a world leader in dealing with one of the great health challenges of our time it is a great soft-power achievement.

If that is not enough Wicking (with Menzies Health Research) launches a MOOC on understanding MS, in March.

Did CMM mention he is a fan?


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