Wollongong the strong (but no mention of what the university teaches)

The University of Wollongong has a new student recruitment campaign, running on social media and Illawarra region TV. It’s called “ Wollongong strong” and it features a young woman explaining what “strength” is as she walks, and runs and climbs in various global locales, none of which look like Wollongong, city or campus. But the university does get a mention right at the end, as the place where one can find their strength.

This is university advertising from the school of character-building, international-adventuring, world-changing campaigns, as used by UWA (“pursue impossible”) and UoQ’s “ own the unknown,” which do not focus on what the advertised university actually teaches.

They are the sort of campaigns that lifestyle brands, which sell on image not attributes run.

Unless, of course, UniWollongong is actually teaching a Bachelor of Strong.


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