Win for staff and Slee at RMT

RMIT management and the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union have agreed on terms for a new enterprise agreement. University COO Dionne Higgins announced the deal yesterday, which will now go to all staff for approval. Low-key negotiations have produced terms at the upper-end of the band of agreements in the present bargaining round. There are 2 per cent pa pay rises through to 2021, signing bonuses of $400-$800 for staff according to employment terms, 17 per cent super for fixed term workers and improved partner and parent leave. “This new agreement will enable us to create the workplace we want to be known for, and recognise everyone who works hard to live our values every day,” Ms Higgins said.

This is a good result for union branch president Melissa Slee, who is running for state secretary of the NTEU. She is expected to argue this is the sort of result that activist leaders can deliver.


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