Why STEM must be a buzzword

Last month NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes criticised the focus on STEM in schools and talked up the study of the western canon (CMM March 26). Engineers Australia CEO Peter McIntyre agrees, “the best education is a diverse education,” he said yesterday. Up to a point, a very sharp point.

“With more than 58% of our engineering workforce now overseas-born, you could be excused for saying we have a problem.  Sadly, without real investment in getting our youngsters STEM-savvy, there’s a very real chance that Australia’s STEM workforce will be one that we borrow from overseas,” he yesterday.

If we have to risk making STEM a buzzword with all that this entails, then bring it on. I am proud to be part of a movement that will shore up Australia’s future and deliver the kind of country that can effectively compete on the world stage.  If this zeal is considered a fad, then we should wear the badge with pride.”


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