Who you going to call? den Hollander a VC again

Jane den Hollander becomes Interim VC at Murdoch U

With former VC Eeva Leinonen already in Ireland and Romy Lawson, who is acting, leaving at the end of the month, (she’s moving to Flinders U), Murdoch U Chancellor Garry Smith knew who to call.

Jane den Hollander becomes Interim VC on November 1, “bringing her extensive leadership to guide the university while we transition to a new vice chancellor.”

That transitioning may take time – Mr Smith advises the selection committee has “recently commenced interviews for the permanent position.”

 Professor den Hollander retired as VC of Deakin U in June 2019 and moved back to WA, where she was not retired for long. The following February she became Interim VC of UWA, following the departure of Dawn Freshwater, taking charge as the COVID-19 crisis kicked in. She led the university until Amit Chakma arrived in July.