Who knows what VET teachers need to know

It might be a degree but the numbers are still with a Certificate IV

The states, territories and Commonwealth wants to improve the quality of training assessment and the feds are accordingly asking what registered training organisations need. There’s a big bunch of ideas here.

Among which is a low-profile perennial, VET teaching qualifications.

The new survey and consultation finds, “mixed views on whether the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment adequately prepares entry level trainers and assessors for their role.”

Twas ever thus. Back in 2011 the Productivity Commission concluded, a “ lack of evidence as to the link between formal teaching qualifications and student achievement, means that the Commission does not see cause to recommend a higher minimum.”

However, in 2018 Erica Smith (Federation U) suggested what VET teachers need is a degree, “higher level qualifications in VET pedagogy make a significant difference to VET teachers’ confidence and ability in teaching a diversity of learners.”

It was a hard sell then, given 1000 or so people were studying VET teaching at universities out of 80 000 teachers with the industry-norm, Certificate IV (CMM June 21 2018).

It probably still is.